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Oink I'm a Cow
Hello, I'm a panda named MaKayla.

Block B is my obsession religion.

This blog is basically whatever I feel like. Oh so many fandoms hohoho.

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I have a frame picture up on my wall showing one of the dumbest anon question i have ever gotten


"You’re not Asian because you weren’t born in Asia. I know this because I have an asian friend, and she’s from Asia."

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i wrote a song about a tortilla

actually its more of a wrap

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YES ITS A THING! If you need to catch a flight back to your college of choice this year USE THIS SITE http://www.studentuniverse.com/ It also works for international flights too! I just booked my trip back to Scotland from New York and it was literally 500 bucks, whereas usually I pay at least 1000, SO SERIOUSLY check it out my college bound followers

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what if squidward was a rapper and after all of his songs he went “squid. word”

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