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Anonymous asked :
what's your opinion on the Teen Wolf Blackout thing?


OK. So I understand why people are doing it:

  • the cast made fun of fanfiction, and i can’t even imagine how it must feel to be the writer of the segments they used
  • questions from fans were joked about and not taken seriously
  • posey answered in a joking manner that made it seem like he wasn’t taking the fan seriously or he didn’t appreciate the question (he said gerard x liam when asked what he shipped that wasn’t canon)


  • the awful, disgusting people from ClevverTV baited them with the fanfiction, putting them on the spot, making it obvious this was supposed to be the butt of a joke
  • NOT ALL OF THEM MADE FUN OF IT. Shelley and Hoech just made a remark about how they were related on the show, and how it’s a little weird to hear about their characters in a romantic situation
  • when the cast was asked which ships they wanted to see that weren’t canon, posey made it into a joke, probably because he’s asked this question ALL THE TIME and he didn’t think it would be seen as offensive to answer with something that is totally ridiculous, i see it the same way
  • people are saying that dylan was joking as well and making him out to be a villain, guys if you know how dylan is, YOU KNOW HIS ANSWER WAS LEGIT and he even says that he talked to jeff about giving him a makeout scene with kate as if she was trying to get information out of stiles because horny 19 yr old dylan was so down

I do not support the blackout because

  • ratings are already going down
  • you shouldn’t punish the whole cast and crew because of what was done
  • the fanfiction thing was awful, but again not all of them were in on it
  • the way they answered the question was just them being their goofy selves and they didn’t intend to make any fan feel less important
  • these guys always say and show how much they support us
  • they are HUMANS
  • but if you want to do it, that’s your prerogative, i get your reasoning

so yeah thats how i see it, i hope this makes sense and flows and isn’t super confusing

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i really want to carry a torch in a cave just like one time

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